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The futuristic approach did not know how to sit intact and wait for that day; however, it knew how to become the source of this revolution and established Ambey. Influenced with the progression, the enterprise eventually introduced itself as "ViaNet Media Private Limited" in 2015.

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Our Introduction


Provides immediate monetization of video views on your YouTube Channel - start earning today!

  • Provides Branded Channel Management
  • Provides Music Rights Management
  • Allows maximization of Ad Revenue an Protection and Monitoring of Content on YouTube.
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Provides infrastructure such as Studio, Green Screens, High End HD Cameras, Editors, Video Optimizers and Taggers for creation and distribution of new content for users who may not have access to this infrastructure.

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Vianet media has been the desired destination for Bollywood, Devotional and Regional Music Channels to market their content. Over the years, our consistently increasing network of content creators has empowered our expedition, whether it is marketing or just the distribution of the latest video. Based on the assistance of this network, we have more than the prowess of social media to rely upon.

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