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Ever wondered what does a studio control room do? At Vianet Media, we did not just wonder but believe and establish on the technology of a studio control room. To think how, interestingly in this room we translate, record and remember the joyous and the most sceptic moments of our clientele. While being monitored by various curious eyes the room never failed to provide the desired outcome. The high-tech room was assembled in 2015 by being mindful of tech-savvy’s inputs, who are currently busy providing insightful technological solutions for making our portfolio promising.

Further, our clients benefit inexplicably from a full Solid-State Logic (SSL) Duality 48 channel recording and mixing console, as at Vianet the quality is the priority. Our services remain unhindered, as along with the console, we rely upon our outboard gears to suffice our clients analogue based requirements. These gears include microphone preamps, equalizers, compressors and effects. Besides, the control room is particularly equipped with speaker and instrument lines that go in line with the recording rooms to support those artists who seek solace to drive their dreams. So, we let their voice make the noise and not the noisy instruments or amplifiers.

What is not there to enjoy, when the recipe has the right amount of luxury in it. The plush leather seating to rest while you imagine, the astound atmosphere created by the dimly lit room and the solace of mountains with silent AC functioning in the background. What our client does, they sit back, observe and unwind, while we process the art that defines their reality.

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Are you a musician or in need of some background music? Well, Vianet has won the hearts of its clientele by bringing in a 5 Piece house drum set, several standard guitars, acoustic guitars and facilitating bass to create that unprecedented melody that thumps day and night in the artist's cognisance. The feature can be availed during the sessions which need live drums, along with the full acoustic to electronic trigger conversion kit for groups that require tighter sounds offered by software sample libraries. It is the musician’s promise that we cater to by offering these instruments.

Further, along with these instruments Vianet has been mindful of your every want. Thus, our control room is designed by the technical interior designers, who have fitted with art pieces such as a Mesa Boogie Triple Rectifier and a Marshal JVM 410h amplifier which runs to a Mesa Boogie 4×12 cabinet. Even though we are here for you as constant support, yet we know sometimes you would need something more, maybe an amplifier or just another instrument. Do reach out and tell us, we know where you can get it.



Music that matters stays that is what 90s songs have taught the millennials, but another fact that the generation learned itself is technology evolves and influence everything that comes in its way. Similarly with music, the SSL is not a new technology, but it has evolved and anyone who knows even a bit about recording or mixing knows the significance of this device.

At Vianet the SSL Duality Mixing Console is the upgrade that assists the voice of those who wants to be heard. This board has the vigour to transform the sound of music, as each and every channel on it consists of an independent dynamics section which includes a compressor, gate and expander.

That is not it, as along with the classic dynamic section the channel operates on a versatile equalizer with both e and g series eq modes and two stereo aux sends with four additional mono aux sends, it may sound way more than intriguing. Nonetheless, Vianet has adapted the evolution as per the need of the hour and redefined the language of perfection by making this console a permanent part of its premises.