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The prospect of power and production is defined by the eloquence of a vision that matters. When one watches a film, it is not the stages of development that is visible, it is the vision, creation and imagination that becomes reality in a studio, where the struggle is the representation of success. In this world of content developers, who have their own identity as YouTubers, Instagrammers and bloggers, the language of creativity matters. However, these creators need a space that empowers, guide and motivate that is an eloquent studio with growth defining equipment. Did you ever ask yourself that why am I constantly scrolling my screen? or why did I complete a series overnight? Although no one can answer that question for anyone, yet this is the new evolving definition of media.

Further, following a pandemic and various lockdown, even films today rely upon networking and OTT platforms for reaching their audience. The promotions which were once about media coverage and billboards has found the support of social media to reach the mass. Digitalisation has transformed the way how we perceive media today and consequently, the definition of production has also changed. As production is not just photography and videography, rather it is management, costing, web traffic and the list only knows the expectations of the visionary.

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Film & Media Production

Among all this, the consistency of change remains the same and it is the challenge that Vianet Media is adapting to. The recreational ideas represented in the video and audio studios equipped with avant-garde equipment will fortify the idea that has turned into a script. Whether it is a small-town dreamer’s vision to represent his region through films with conventional concepts or work from home employee’s idea of representing art. Vianet media has been providing services across these varied verticals, whether it is an in-house studio that will witness your succession or a production management team ready to carve your path, the media house is nothing less than a Shangri-La.

India is becoming a country where urbanisation has somewhere blurred the boundaries of diversity. Still, there are people with regional and devotional content who hope to remember and celebrate this individuality of a ravishing country. Vianet media promotes these channels across various platforms and has been successful in giving translation to YouTube services, to turn regional into international. With that, the limits do not bound but propel one to think beyond. So, that is what media production refers to, the limitlessness, as ideas are not enough without some editing, recording, promotions and feedbacks.

Film and Media production, try to search about it and there will be stages of development, definitions and descriptions, but what won’t be there are progression, timelessness and success stories of those who know the prowess of media. There is a whole world of uncertainties, risk analysis, fact check, conflict management and spontaneous decision making behind the production of a film or just a reel. The creator should never forget how many retakes were there, as that would be the reason for the audience to remember them. Media is what one thinks they can do and production is what makes them capable to think.


The success defining 96million+ subscribers of the channels which are being operated and orchestrated by Vianet represents its growing hold across media properties. Presently, our spiritual channels network on YouTube is most pronounced. However, that is just a vertical of what we do and what we are, as we are indulged in managing channels ranging across films, television, documentaries and journalism. The genre that describes our forte includes music, lifestyle, food, kids, comedy, etc.

Corresponding to that, to further augment our reach across OTT platforms, Vianet direct original and transformational movies and series.